Haarstudio Ramune


Ambachtstraat 3, Schijndel


(31) 06 17435601

Top Notch Stylist


Ramune not only takes care of simple hairstyles but also the big changes that
are attracting every eye.

At Haarstudio Ramune you can do both simple and difficult hair changes. The door of Haarstudio Ramune is always open to anyone who wants to be beautiful and look different.


There is a great choice for people who want a innovative hairstyle.

Furhermore, she makes very beautiful hairstyles for weddings and gala parties, suitable for every age as well.

What clients say:

At Ramune you Always feel relaxed.She Always makes time and attention to the wishes of the client. For me she is the best hairdresser in the town. You can see that by the treatments she does and the qualities of the rest of the staff.

Ramune make sure that clients leave the studio with a smile and satisfied feeling. I would certainly return for future treatments and recommend her to other clients.


I have been coming to Haarstudio Ramune for several years now. I have good experience with it. She is very precise and the atmosphere is very fine.

Her working method suits me wel. The price and quality is super good. So I definitely recommend it.




Wash and cut
€ 20,50
Eyebrows treading and tinting
€ 24,50
Model hair dry (long hair, curls, styles)
€ 35,50
*Price from
Outgrowht colouring and cut
€ 70,00
Highlights top layer and cut
€ 99,50
Highlights of all the hair and cut
€ 120,00
Creative colour placing and cut
€ 160,00
Keratin treatment long hair
€ 170,00
Model cut
€ 25,50
Model hair dry short hair
€ 24,50
*Price from
Outgrowth colouring
€ 40,50
Highlights on the entire hair
€ 80,00
Highlights of all the hair
€ 95,00
Creatieve colour placing
€ 120,00
Keratin treatment short hair
€ 140,00
Bob cut
€ 40,50

*1 hour

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